Apt Pinning on Ubuntu

Apt pinning is a method that allows you to remain on a stable release of Ubuntu (or other Debian based OS) while grabbing packages from a more recent version.

The solution is to link the apt repository of a more recent version of Ubuntu, yet maintain the default release repository as the current version of Ubuntu. This following example shows linking to Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) apt repository from a Ubuntu Trusty (14.04) installation.

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Installing Django on Ubuntu Server

Django is a Python web framework which allows rapid development of website by following the Model-View-Controller architecture.

The Python language interpreter is installed by default on Ubuntu server. Therefore, you need not worry about installing python.

After python is installed, the recommended way of installing django is to use virtualenv to manage the django installation. Therefore, you need to have pip (used to install and manage python packages) and virtualenv installed first. Here goes for the steps:

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Command Line Tips & Tricks for Ubuntu Server

Tips & Tricks
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