Installing PHP FastCGI and Zend OPcache on WampServer

Why install PHP + FastCGI?

Mod-PHP comes installed with WampServer, and it is slow.

You also cannot utilise the Zend opcode cache, which is included with PHP itself since PHP 5.5.

Steps to install PHP + FastCGI

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Installing Django on Windows

Django is a Python web framework which allows rapid development of website by following the Model-View-Controller architecture.

To install Django, definitely you need to have python installed first. If you haven’t, download it from the official website here.

After python is installed, the recommended way of installing django is to use virtualenv to manage the django installation. Therefore, you need to have virtualenv installed first. Here goes for the steps:

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Windows Installation Tips Moving User Folder to Another Drive

Why move user folder to another drive?

Solid-state drives (SSD) are known for their performance, but its price is not cheap. Hard disk drive (HDD), on the other hand, have slower performance, but it can offer you much larger storage space at a cheaper price. A lot of user choose a SSD+HDD combination. By this way, they can garner performance and large storage space at one place.

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