How to Setup “Let’s Encrypt” for Apache on Windows

Let’s Encrypt is an effort by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) to provide free SSL certificates in order to encourage website owners to secure their websites with encryption. It is gaining in popularity and recently issued its two-millionth certificate.

There are many benefits of enabling SSL encryption on a website, including securing user information if they need to login to the site and getting a higher ranking on Google Search.

If you currently run Apache (or the other distributions such as XAMPP and WampServer) on Windows, then this guide is for you.

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How to Resolve a Multicast DNS in Windows

Multicast DNS (mDNS), also know as zeroconf, allows distributed resolution of computer hostname without a central domain name server. The protocol allows device to discover each other with no configuration needed. This is what Apple devices use to detect printers in the network.

OS X supports the mDNS by default, while avahi-daemon provide a mDNS resolution service for the Linux systems.

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How to Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen

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Make Function Keys and Power User Menu Shortcut using AutoHotKey Script

I recently bought a Filco Majestouch Ninja mechanical keyboard. It doesn’t come with all the fancy function keys, therefore I decided to create some function keys myself. I installed the AutoHotKey (AHK) tool and wrote an AHK script. I use the Windows key as a replacement for the Function (Fn) key typically found on laptop keyboards. Here is a list of my function key mappings.

Win+EscPut computer to sleep
Win+F6Toggle volume mute
Win+F7Turn master volume down
Win+F8Turn master volume up
Win+F9Skip to previous song
Win+F10Play or pause song
Win+F11Skip to next song
Win+F12Open Network And Sharing Center
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List of Awesome Free Software for Windows

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Unity Trial Reset (Proof of Concept)

Disclaimer: By the time this proof of concept (PoC) is released, Unity has stopped offering trial license. This is because they have released the complete engine for free including all features since Unity 5.

The program is originally created to reset the trial license for Unity Pro 4.x so that a new one can be obtained from the official Unity license server every time the 30-day trial expires.

How does it works?

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Windows Shutdown Command

It’s very simple to shutdown Windows from the command prompt. Here are some examples:
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Installing Memcached on Windows

Memcached is a high performance, in-memory key-value store or caching system. Its main purpose is to speed up web applications by caching database queries, contents, or other computed results.

Memcached is originally a linux application, but since it is open-source, it has been compiled for windows. There are two major sources for the pre-built windows binary: Jellycan and Northscale, and both versions can be used. The following are the download links for the memcached windows binaries:

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Manage Windows Services using Command Prompt

I think the reason people would need this is because:

  1. They want to write a script that monitors or manages certain services;
  2. They need to login through Remote PowerShell or an SSH Server to manage the service.

Here are some quick tips for managing windows service using the command prompt:

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Installing PHP FastCGI and Zend OPcache on XAMPP for Windows

Why install PHP + FastCGI?

Mod-PHP comes installed with WampServer, and it is slow.

You also cannot utilise the Zend opcode cache, which is included with PHP itself since PHP 5.5.

Steps to install PHP + FastCGI

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