Removing Largefiles Extension from Mercurial Repository

The largefiles extension in Mercurial improves storage and bandwidth efficiency when dealing with large binary files. By keeping the previous revisions of a large file on the central repository, it avoids the download of unused revisions of the large file to your local clone. In other words, a revision of the large file is not neccesary when you pull from the remote repo, and it is downloaded only when you update your local repo to the particular revision.
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Migrating from TortoiseSvn to TortoiseHg

SVN is the centralized repository system that many developers should have been familiar with. Mercurial (Hg) is one of the latest distributed repository system that is gaining popularity, besides Bazaar and Git. TortoiseSVN and TortoiseHg are GUI tools to manage SVN and Hg respectively in windows. That said, this note would apply mostly to windows users.

I would demonstrate two options to the migration but the outcomes might not be the same and I would detail the difference of each.

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