I recently bought a Filco Majestouch Ninja mechanical keyboard. It doesn’t come with all the fancy function keys, therefore I decided to create some function keys myself. I installed the AutoHotKey (AHK) tool and wrote an AHK script. I use the Windows key as a replacement for the Function (Fn) key typically found on laptop keyboards. Here is a list of my function key mappings.

Win+EscPut computer to sleep
Win+F6Toggle volume mute
Win+F7Turn master volume down
Win+F8Turn master volume up
Win+F9Skip to previous song
Win+F10Play or pause song
Win+F11Skip to next song
Win+F12Open Network And Sharing Center

I use a Windows 7 on my desktop, but I found the Power User Menu shortcuts in Windows 8 come in handy, so I created them too. The Power User Menu is the pop-up menu which is displayed on the bottom left corner when you press Win+X on a Windows 8 computer. The script will not display the menu, so you need to remember the shortcut keys.

Win+X, FProgram and Features
Win+X, BMobility Center
Win+X, OPower Pptions
Win+X, VEvent Viewer
Win+X, YSystem
Win+X, MDevice Manager
Win+X, KDisk Management
Win+X, GComputer Management
Win+X, CCommand Prompt
Win+X, ACommand Prompt (Admin)
Win+X, TTask Manager
Win+X, PControl Panel
Win+X, EExplorer
Win+X, SSearch
Win+X, RRun
Win+X, DDesktop

Here goes the script.