Hello, world! This is the most common phrase displayed when someone is writing his first software using a new language or framework. It feels like shouting to everyone in the world, announcing that you have made a good start into something.

In my case, this is my first blog post on this site. Although I had previously written a blog, but this is the first technical blog that I am more serious in keeping it organized, informative, and regularly updated. So hello world, hello to all my readers and future readers out there!

I am a software programmer. I use source control a lot (by a lot i mean everyday), but I am more of a fan of Mercurial rather than Git. Therefore, you can expect me to write some tutorials and workflow examples on Mercurial. I wrote programs for both computer system and embedded system, so I might as well share my knowledge and experience in programming embedded controller such as Microchip PIC. Besides, I am intrigued by computer forensic stuffs and I love hacking. To hack something requires a wide range of knowledge of how things work, and therefore do not feel shocked when a single post covers topics from server-client architecture, networking protocol, and cross-site scripting to cryptography.

For the convenience of the readers, each post will have an indication of the sophistication or technical level required; and the level can be differentiated into:

  1. Beginner - applicable for the layman
  2. Intermediate - requires some background in programming and software
  3. Advanced - requires in-depth knowledge in a particular field

Good enough for the introduction, let’s proceed to the next post and have fun reading my blog!

— Patrick Chin